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The resources on my sites are offered freely for your personal and educational use. However, the cost to myself is not just many, many  hours of work, it's also the $ cost to provide the site on the Internet. I make no money at all from my websites.

Due to the high amount of visitors, I am having to pay more than I had anticipated for this site, so I am including an option to donate if you would like to. 

Please don't feel that you need to donate -  I would hate to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Positive feedback is also always appreciated in my guestbook or by email!

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Started: April 19, 2011
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 :) If you have found this site useful and would like to donate to keep it going, any amounts would be very welcome.

If you would like to subscribe to my  Premium Access Games Page, a donation of $5 or more will give you access to the page and you may download as many games as you like for personal, educational use. 

If you are donating for Premium access, please make sure you include your name and email when you donate, and I will email you the link to the Premium page within a couple of days (check your Spam folder in case my email ends up there).


Due to the high number of visitors and downloads, this site has exceeded its permitted bandwidth. To prevent its closure and to keep these free resources available, I am having to pay for Premium bandwidth. 

If you have found the resources on this site useful, you may like to donate a few dollars towards keeping it open. Even $2 is useful!

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