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                  eCards - free, fun and easy to send!

You can use any of these ecards as a quick, easy greeting - just write the personal part of your message in an email and add the ecard picture as an attachment or, if you can, as part of the email.

eCards- Birthday Greetings

eCard: Birthday: Happy Birdie eCard: Birthday - I didn't forget... elephant eCard: Birthday: Rabbit - hoppy birthday    eCard - Birthday - kangaroo: HOPPY BIRTHDAY .eCard - Birthday - cow: udderly wonderfuleCard- Birthday: otter -ly wonderful.eCard - Birthday - Lemurs: WE'D ALL LIKE TO SAY...eCard - Birthday -ROARING GOOD   eCard - Birthday: peach rose          

eCards - Love and Friendship

eCard: Love & Friendship - thinking of you...butterfly. .eCard: Love & Friendship -emu - hi there!. .eCard: Love & Friendship - Puppy: You're my best friend. . eCard: Love & Friendship - peach rose- thinking of you PD.  . eCard: Love & Friendship - I'm not lion. . eCard: Love & Friendship - gorillas: I like being with you. eCard: Love & Friendship - You MOOve me. eCard: Love & Friendship - thinking of you - sunset.eCard - Love & Friendship- Kookaburra: Here's Looking at You JPEG


eCards - Missing You

.eCard: Missing You - Lemur: I'm lost without you.eCard: Missing You -donkey.eCard: Missing You - dog     .eCard: Missing You -can't bear it.eCard: Love & Friendship - Emu: you're on my mind -emu. eCard: Missing You -I'm all alone

ecards: Miscellaneous Greetings

.eCard: Love & Friendship - HELLO POSSUM.eCard Love & Friendship - donkeys- We're made for each other...eCard: Miscellanoeus - Dog: Woof.eCard - GOOD LUCK.Get Well- Alpaca: Hope you're back on your feet.eCard - Love & Friendship - sheep: how are you going.eCard: Miscellanoeus - Dog: Hmmm.....eCard: Miscellanoeus - alpacas: All the best!.eCard: Miscellanoeus - have a beautiful day - sunset

eCards- Christmas, New Year and Easter Greetings

eCard- Christmas Greetings- Kangaroo, Hoppy Christmas      eCard- Christmas Greetings - kookaburra  eCard Hoppy Easter - bunny & flowers on blue eCard Hoppy Easter - bunny & flowers on green  



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